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MiDAS @ BU CS is a team of faculty and students that work on the research challenges of converting data to knowledge: from foundational algorithmic and systems challenges to the development of practical applications with domain scientists.

Research directions

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

data-driven algorithmics, scalable algorithmics, systems for data analytics, harnessing and modeling networks, machine learning

Data Mining

Data Mining

mining uncertain graphs, social network analysis, team formation, matrix completion, entity selection

Data Systems

Data Systems

cloud data systems, secure data systems, spatial data systems, indexing, approximate query processing, uncertain graph management

Selected Publications

For more publications please visit our personal webpages.

Telomere - Real-Time NAND Flash Storage

Katherine Missimer, Manos Athanassoulis, Richard West
ACM Trans. Embed. Comput. Syst., 2022 | External link

Query Language Support for Timely Data Deletion

Subhadeep Sarkar, Manos Athanassoulis
EDBT, 2022 | External link

Opinion Dynamics Optimization by Varying Susceptibility to Persuasion via Non-Convex Local Search

Rediet Abebe, T.-H. Hubert Chan, Jon M. Kleinberg, Zhibin Liang, David C. Parkes, Mauro Sozio, Charalampos E. Tsourakakis
ACM Trans. Knowl. Discov. Data, 2022 | External link

Anonymous Transactions with Revocation and Auditing in Hyperledger Fabric

Dmytro Bogatov, Angelo De Caro, Kaoutar Elkhiyaoui and Björn Tackmann
CANS, 2021 | Download PDF

εpsolute - Efficiently Querying Databases While Providing Differential Privacy

Dmytro Bogatov, Georgios Kellaris, George Kollios, Kobbi Nissim, Adam O'Neill
CCS, 2021 | External link

Constructing and Analyzing the LSM Compaction Design Space

Subhadeep Sarkar, Dimitris Staratzis, Zichen Zhu, Manos Athanassoulis
Proc. VLDB Endow., 2021 | External link

Transparent Data Transformation - Can I have my Rows and eat my Columns too

Manos Athanassoulis
SIGMOD Rec., 2021 | External link

The Need for a New I/O Model

Tarikul Islam Papon, Manos Athanassoulis
CIDR, 2021 | External link

A Parametric I/O Model for Modern Storage Devices

Tarikul Islam Papon, Manos Athanassoulis
DaMoN, 2021 | External link

Reducing Bloom Filter CPU Overhead in LSM-Trees on Modern Storage Devices

Zichen Zhu, Ju Hyoung Mun, Aneesh Raman, Manos Athanassoulis
DaMoN, 2021 | External link

An Efficient Framework for Balancing Submodularity and Cost

Sofia Maria Nikolakaki, Alina Ene, Evimaria Terzi
KDD, 2021 | External link

Finding densest k-connected subgraphs

Francesco Bonchi, David García-Soriano, Atsushi Miyauchi 0001, Charalampos E. Tsourakakis
Discret. Appl. Math., 2021 | External link



George Kollios


Evimaria Terzi


Charalampos Tsourakakis

Assistant Professor

Manos Athanassoulis

Assistant Professor


Subhadeep Sarkar

Postdoctoral Researcher

Ju Hyoung Mun

Postdoctoral Researcher

Graduate Students

Dmytro Bogatov

PhD Researcher

Andy Huynh

PhD Researcher

Konstantinos Sotiropoulos

PhD Researcher

Nathan Cordner

PhD Researcher

Tarikul Islam Papon

PhD Researcher

Zichen Zhu

PhD Researcher

Lina Qiu

PhD Researcher

Tianyi Chen

PhD Researcher

Aneesh Raman

PhD Researcher


Bashir Rastegarpanah

PhD (Next: Fiddler AI)

Harshal Chaudhari

PhD (Next: Etsy)

Sofia Maria Nikolakaki

PhD (Next: Apple)

Dimitris Staratzis

Grad Researcher (Next: TileDB)

Charalampos Mavroforakis

PhD (Next: Facebook)

Sanaz Bahargam

Sanaz Bahargam

PhD (Next: Twitter)

Natali Ruchansky

PhD (Next: Postdoc at USC)

Behzad Golshan

Behzad Golshan

PhD (Next: Megagon Labs)

Xianrui Meng

PhD (Next: Amazon)

Haohan Zhu

PhD (Next: Facebook)

Dora Erdos

PhD (Next: Postdoc at Brown University)

Esther Galbrun

Postdoc (Next: Postdoc at INRIA Nancy)

Theodoros Lappas

Postdoc (Next: Faculty at Stevens Institute of Technology)

Vassilis Athitsos

Postdoc (Next: Faculty at UT Arlington)

Marios Hadjieleftheriou

Postdoc (Next: AT&T Labs)

Feifei Li

PhD (Next: Faculty at Florida State University)

Panagiotis Papapetrou

PhD (Next: Postdoc at Aalto University)

Michalis Potamias

PhD (Next: Groupon)

Georgios Kellaris

Postdoc (Next: Co-Founder at Kalepso)


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